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Who do you say I AM?

27 Mar

hello ladies,

i had a strange dream today.  But I believe it is a message that God wants us all to hear and know. I heard in my dream someone saying to me, “you have heard now tell them to praise me by my name.” and i began to see the words like love, healer, faithful etc.

I believe God always allows us to go through things, so that when the deliverance comes to us we will have a name or use his name to praise him. Please look in your life and count your blessings and praise him for what he has done by using his name.

love always


How to laugh CUTE

16 Mar

Hi sweet Ladies, It is said that laughing is therapeutic and it is healing to the soul. It must be an inevitable activity for us (intentional). There is so much on our plates that sometimes we can go a whole day without a laugh or even a smile. We all want to continue to look good even as we age in number. Come to think of it laughing can really take some stress off your face and also make you young at heart.

Now this is a personal tip: Try some laughs and smiles in private, laugh genuinely and not fake, If nothing is making you laugh think of something really funny all the time that someone said to you or shared, something that might have happened and it will cause you to ease up a little bit.

Hey Mothers o f ACV, we are aging in number but we are HOT and CUTE and SMOKING so let our appearance speak for it self.



2 Mar

Hi moac ladies, i do not know who is and who is not participating in the 3 days fasting. Pastor named it breaking of chains fasting. I wish we will all endeavor to be part of it. Let us also prepare for second week in March meeting. Put all your questions and suggestions together for delibrations.  Love y’all.

Attention MOAC baby needs prayers!

28 Feb

hey ladies, one of moac babies is very sick. her name is Moriah and I really want us to lift her up in prayer. Let us ask the good lord to have mercy on her and deliver her. Jeremiah 8:22  – Is there no balm in Gilead ; is there no physician  there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recoverd?

Let us call on the greatest physician Jesus to heal her speedily


Confidentiality Code Please check your personal email

28 Feb

Hi ladies,

we want to make every one to feel comfortable to share their ideas, joy, information etc on wordpress with other Moac ladies. In order for us to do so for no one to know who is behind a  blog, we are going to allocate code to each and everyone of us.

Anytime we send a blog please sign off with your personal code. Can not wait to see how this will go

Finding Time with the Lord

27 Feb

Hello Mother’s,

How do you find time to pray and read your word and juggle the daily task of being a mom that involves so many things.  I find it hard to really sleep properly because my mind is on the go, thinking about what need to be done.  It’s easy for someone to say, let tomorrow worry about it self, but the reality is, if i don’t think about washing clothes my son can’t wait until tomorrow for clean uniform etc.  So much on our plates as a mom, any good suggestion on bringing balance?


27 Feb

Hello Moac ladies,

It is with great joy that i connect with you today. I wanted to say thank you for coming to the meeting and committing to be